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The Rubens at the Palace
39 Buckingham Palace Road
London, ENG Find Business On Map

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The Rubens at the Palace, London, England

The Rubens at the Palace

London, England

Perfectly located … outstanding personal service". With these words The Grand Rapid Press summed up the most obvious of the Rubens' charms, but these words of hard-won praise encompass a whole lot of human endeavour. We can't take too much credit for the location (apart from choosing it) but the outstanding personal service reflects unflagging hard work by every member of our staff, in pursuit of the Red Carnation watchwords: "no request is too large, no detail too small". Our aim is to make every guest's stay totally enjoyable and absolutely trouble free, if possible resolving any difficulties before they even arise.

In this spirit we've set out some additional features and information which may answer any queries you still have about The Rubens. Finally, if you have any comments or suggestions we'd be delighted to hear from you.