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Julie PetitThomsen

September 6, 2013
We stumbled upon this place by total accident. It was one of the best accidents I have ever had. This place was a total Hoot. The genious in this place is the environment they have created on a little piece of land just on the edge of Clarksdale. The creativity and marketing and reuse of things is fabulous. You feel so comfortable in your shack and it relax's you instantly.

There is green space to walk around on, a balcony and a patio to relax on. If you want to get a feel of the south and hear it's music this is the place. They had blues music playing on the tv when we walked into our shack and it had all of the creature comforts one needs. It is not just a place to stay it is an experience.

LOVED IT!!!!!!!


Lari Mussatti

June 2, 2013
Arriving from New Orleans on motorcycle, we found the open air calm and magical ambiance of the old country share cropper shacks beautiful and relaxing. Cats and an occasional armadillo roamed the greens. The only disappointment was a young"blues band" one night at the inn whose music was not the blues but some variation of acid rock with a 3 note vocabulary. The nearby Delta Blues Museum trains and sponsors youth to carry on the blues tradition and I would suggest their services be used .

sara E

March 29, 2013
When you arrive at the Shacked up Inn, you are overwhelmed by the history of the place. To me it was all based on THE BLUES, as in blues music. Upon checkin, you are asked if you want to use a musical instrument that they have at the front desk, so that you can play along with the music channel inside your room. I had brought my guitar down there to play out in the porch of our shack, and was surprised that noone else was playing music out on their porch one morning. But not everyone likes to sit outside in the cold, where your fingers can barely move on the frets, and your voice is seen from the morning cold weather. I had a blast singing out on my porch, not knowing if anyone can hear me in the next shack or not, but knowing the history of the musicains that have played there, that are in heaven,(Pinetop) could hear me loud and clear! The stage is beautiful, the shop is wonderful, bought a poster of the shack we stayed at, framed for $40 which looks great in our home. (best souverner ever) The staff is very friendly, they recorded our performance, and stayed open extra late since we brought all of our home town with us (sold out the shacks) I would recomend this place to every musician around, to me it's like going to graceland, someplace where toons & history is made. I hope to go there again next year if possible, and stay in the same shack. I planted a few flowers at the entrance of our shack, hoping they would get huge and absorb all the love & harmony that was going around that place. ( After all the rule of thumb is to leave a place better than when you got there!) It rained the entire visit, but we still had fun grilling! I pray they will be around for a long time, and with the great rates on the shacks, I'm sure they will! Peace & Love

Susan C

February 20, 2013
As a music traveller, I loved Shackup Inn! Convenient to Clarksdale, a major blues hub, it continued the theme and ambiance of the area. The quirkiness of the cabins and grounds were just awesome. The cabins were well appointed with amenities to make our stay comfortable, and we found them clean. While there we were fortunate to catch a great show on the stage inside barn featuring Super Chikan. I would definitely return, in fact can't wait to go back!

ruben D

December 19, 2012
We found this place while surfing the net as we were planning a road trip thru the Mississippi Deltal then up toward Memphis.

It was mid December and the temp was 28 deg outside but the small portable electric heater provided enought heat to make the room comfortable

The basic aminities are just enough not to mention that the bed was one of the most comfortable bed we have ever slept in

For the price, you will not find a better place to stay within the area.

If you are into the Blues then this is a must place to stay.

Ruben and Greta

V Sewell

October 17, 2012
This place was so great. We're still talking about this one of a kind experience. It's not for everyone, but it is for those wishing to have a special, memorial stay in an eclectic B & B! We'll be back!

Carol L

April 12, 2012
I stayed at the Cotton Gin Inn recently with my kids and friends. It was wonderful. I can think of few things better than sitting with friends and a cold beer outside on the lawn listening to music coming from the Hopson Commissary next door (not too loud or too late, don't worry). Everyone was very friendly. The room was comfortable enough, the stars were bright, and there was something interesting to look at around every corner.

Morgan B

August 2, 2011
We have been staying at the Shack Up Inn since the spring of 2002. It is always enjoyable and relaxing. Some families have the beach, some have the mountains, we have Clarksdale! We'll always come back and I'm sure that will continue for the next generation - there is nothing else like it. Have fun.