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Price House Cottage Bed and Breakfast
224 Sumter Avenue
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The House and Cottage date from approxiamatley 1812. Records indicate that this is the second oldest house in Summerville. Summerville was begun as a summer retreat for plantation owners. The land in Summerville was a Pine Barren and relatively free of the insect borne diseases that plagued the more swampy areas along the Ashley and Cooper Rivers. The House is typical of the early houses being built several feet off the ground with high ceilings and many windows.

The current occupants are only the sixth owners, with several of the previous owners being closely related. The Prices have owned the property since 1974 and during that period the house and cottage have been restored and updated to extremely high standards. The restoration of the cottage received the Preservation Award of the Summerville Preservation Society. We want our guests to enjoy this property as much as we do.