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Popham Beach Bed and Breakfast
4 Riverview Avenue
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Popham Beach Bed and Breakfast, Phippsburg, Maine

Popham Beach Bed and Breakfast

Phippsburg, Maine

Just walk out the front door of the Old Coast Guard Station, onto the sandy shore of Popham Beach. Take a walk on the 6 mile long sandy beach, watch the seals, ospreys, and cormorants. Enjoy the views of a quaint fishing village, islands, and light houses. Climb to the look-out-tower to view the panoramic vista of the bold Atlantic and the various islands. Experience the unspoiled beauty of Maine. Some of you may have seen the station and views of Popham Beach in the film, Message In A Bottle." The red-roofed building constructed in 1883 as a life Saving Station to save stranded mariners from the tide, wind and fog and to keep watch over the mouth of Kennebec River. The U.S. Coast Guard took over the station in 1935 and, in addition to the rescue missions, maintained links to lighthouse crews on Pond and Seguin Islands. Decommissioned in 1971, the station remains a distinct and well-loved- landmark at Popham Beach.