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Nesbit Blueberry Plantation
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Nesbit Blueberry Plantation, Hernando, Mississippi

Nesbit Blueberry Plantation

Hernando, Mississippi

The blueberry farm is a family owned and operated U-Pick blueberry farm that was planted in 1984. John Blake, then Desoto County agent (now deceased) was instrumental in seeing that the farm got underway. The farm is dedicated to grandparents and grandchildren in honor of John Blake. Opening day is approximately June 14th, plus or minus a day or two depending on weather conditions. Berries are sold by the gallon, and we furnish gallon picking buckets to customers. We pack customer berries in freezer bags for transport home. Customers can also call in orders for "pre-Pick" berries which are also sold by the gallon. Berries are sold "fresh frozen" both during season and in the off season. Normally the off season supplies are depleted by Christmas. Children are welcome to the farm and everyone is urged to taste the berries fresh off the vine, while picking. The Traicoff family consists of Pat and George, 5 siblings, and 9 grandchildren. All are involved with the farm at some time during the year.

We grow Rabbit eye blueberries, specifically premeir, climax, tiff blue and Austin varieties. The farm started out with drip irrigation, but when frosts became a problem we switched to overhead irrigation which is used bot for frost protection, irrigation, cooling and plumping up the berries.

The farm maintains a mailing list and customers are notified by post card and/or email when the farm opens. The post card will be phased out due to expense. The farm is physically located at 690 Bankston road in Nesbit Mississippi. In the off season there is nobody on hand to answer the phone as we are out in the fields. Contact us HERE during the off season.