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Mt Aurora Fairbanks Creek Lodge
2320 Fairbanks Creek Road
Fairbanks, AK Find Business On Map

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Mt Aurora Fairbanks Creek Lodge, Fairbanks, Alaska

Mt Aurora Fairbanks Creek Lodge

Fairbanks, Alaska

Located on Mt. Aurora , 20 miles north of Fairbanks at the top of Cleary Summit the building was originally a bunkhouse for the Fairbanks Exploration Company. It has been renovated with all the modern conveniences while retaining the rustic charm. The original 12-room bunkhouse has been renovated with shared bathrooms between each set of 2 rooms; a total of 6 bathrooms. Guests have a choice of a private suite; having both rooms with a private bathroom for intimate occasions. The two rooms also work great for families of 3 or 4 and group retreats. All rooms have a combination of 2 twin beds, a queen-size or full-size bed. The rooms are simple but cozy: no telephone.