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Litco Farms Bed and Breakfast
P.O. Box 1048
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Litco Farms Bed and Breakfast, Cooperstown, New York

Litco Farms Bed and Breakfast

Cooperstown, New York

At Litco Farms we invite you to visit with us and our other special guests.

Perhaps you would enjoy an early morning jog, an afternoon swim, or an evening stroll through the woods on trails that crisscross our private preserve.

Fish on our pond "Muddy Lake," or in Oaks Creek close by.

Enjoy wildflowers and the wildlife that flourishes on our eighteen acres of mapped New York State wetlands. Deer, beaver and game birds abound.

Picnics and lawn games are enjoyed by guests of all ages.

Winter snow brings cross-country skiers to share our hearth and the warmth of our wood stove. Our B & B is transformed into a winter playground as we await the arrival of spring.