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Landmark Inn, Fairfield, Iowa

Landmark Inn

Fairfield, Iowa

As someone that has traveled throughout the world and has stayed in a wide variety of accommodations, ranging from $3 per night bare-basic rooms in Asia to magnificent suites in Europe costing hundreds of dollars a night, I wanted to create a hotel experience that embodied both value and quality. Myself and many of my friends had no need for the fancy bells and whistles found in some hotels that simply charged too much for their “amenities” that we never used. I was looking for a clean room in a great location with free internet access. I didn't need a pool, in-room phone, bed turndown service, fitness room or even a 24 hour front desk! Truthfully, the only time I would ever talk to staff was when I was checking in. All these “amenities” were just adding to the cost of the room – cash I could be using towards other things that we're more important to me: dining, recreational activities, entertainment, etc. Here at the Landmark Inn we do not have a pool, in-room phones, bed turn-down service or a 24-hour front desk. However, we do provide clean rooms in a great location with free internet service at a price that's 25%-50% less than the competition. Don't get the wrong idea, we do provide basics such as an iron/ironing board, blowdryer, and rollaway bed upon request (subject to availability) and we have a payphone in the lobby. If you need assistance, our on-site manager can be reached via the courtesy phone in the lobby (or just call directly with your cell phone). I understand that some people enjoy the experience of a full-service hotel and I would fully urge those people to find a hotel that meets their individual needs. However, for those of you that value having a decent and affordable place to stay, please consider us as an alternative. If you require assistance or something is not right with your room please do not hesitate to contact us. We will work to make it right. Remember, if you don't tell us, we can't help you – and if we can't help you, you're not going to have a good experience. Our #1 priority is to make sure your stay is comfortable, so please let us know if you need our assistance.