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Four Seasons Inn, Soldier Pond, Maine

Four Seasons Inn

Soldier Pond, Maine

Welcome to the historic Four Seasons Inn at Solder Pond, Maine. Four Seasons Inn has six luxurious guest suites that help you escape to a place in time thought only to exist in storybooks and picture postcards.

Four Seasons Inn at Soldier Pond was restored to its early 20th century magnificence in early 2008. Situated in the village of Soldier Pond, Maine, Four Seasons Inn offers a chance to relax and indulge yourself. Northern Maine offers four seasons of fun and recreation, from some of the best snowmobiling and cross country ski trails in North America, to ATV trail riding, watersports, and fishing in the summer.

Please take a few minutes and browse our guest suites, or imagine enjoying our luxurious amenities, including on premises gourmet dining. Picture yourself getting away from it all, surrounded by history and the best modern amenities in scenic Northern Maine.