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Eden Hall Mansion Bed and Breakfast
235 East 2nd Street
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Eden Hall Mansion Bed and Breakfast, Xenia, Ohio

Eden Hall Mansion Bed and Breakfast

Xenia, Ohio

Eden Hall Mansion is located near the Greene County Court House in Xenia Ohio, Eden Hall Mansion is steeped in local and literary history. Built in 1840, the mansion has welcomed President William McKinley and served as inspiration for Helen Hooven Santmyer's "And Ladies of the Club". It was also the home of Col. Coates Kinney "The Poet Laureate of Ohio"

At the present moment Eden Hall is undergoing Restoration! We are excited about the new prospects that are coming to Eden Hall. Please note the Tea Room is open and ready to serve your guests for a fun afternoon! Please be sure to book your teas 48 hours in advance. We are now decorated for Christmas with many unique irems in our Gift Shop open Tuesday thru Saturday 12 to 4:30 pm. With over 10 decorated trees it is a shopping experience!