LouisianaCemetery & Gris Gris Walking Tour

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Cemetery & Gris Gris Walking Tour
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Cemetery & Gris Gris Walking Tour, New Orleans, Louisiana

Cemetery & Gris Gris Walking Tour

New Orleans, Louisiana

Includes roundtrip transportation to cemetery and the tomb of Marie Laveau, the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans!

Walk through St. Louis Cemetery #1, the site of the classic movie "Easy Rider," as your professional licensed guide recounts the background of the famous and infamous people who are buried there.

Make a wish or cast a spell at the tomb of Marie Laveau - the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans - and discover how she was able to be in two places at once.

Listen to the evolution of Voodoo - which is still practiced today - and learn how it became such a factor in the Crescent City.

Learn about our unique above ground burial customs and the tombs of various "societies."

Find out what "Gris-Gris" means and discover the mysterious ingredients in your souvenir "Gris-Gris" bag.

Includes climate controlled transportation to and from cemetery and guided tour.