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By the Side Of the Road Bed and Breakfast
491 Garbers Church Road
Harrisonburg, VA Find Business On Map

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By the Side Of the Road Bed and Breakfast, Harrisonburg, Virginia

By the Side Of the Road Bed and Breakfast

Harrisonburg, Virginia

Welcome to THE B&B lodging destination in Harrisonburg (Rockingham County) in Virginia's central Shenandoah Valley. Whether staying one night or more, our luxurious Shenandoah Valley lodging is legendary. Guests return time and again to experience the comfort and intimacy of our four Main House Suites and three Luxurious cottages.

Indulge yourself with a soak in our over-sized whirlpool spa tubs located beside the fire. Rest on a cloud atop our firm mattresses with four-inch feather ticks. Arise in the Shenandoah Valley to the aroma of only the best Columbian coffee and a truly gourmet breakfast. Explore our exciting surroundings at Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Treasure hunt for antiques. Ski Massanutten. Hike the Blue Ridge Mountains. Walk the James Madision University campus. Be Entertained at the American Shakespeare Center. Dine in Continental or Country style.