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Boerne Vistro Bed and Breakfast and Inn
911 South Main Street
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Boerne Vistro Bed and Breakfast and Inn, Boerne, Texas

Boerne Vistro Bed and Breakfast and Inn

Boerne, Texas

Spinelli's Boerne Vistro Bed & Breakfast and Inn is a unique country inn and award winning restaurant nestled in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. The Boerne Vistro Bed & Breakfast and Inn is surrounded by quaint shops and the rich history that is Boerne, Texas.

There's a good reason for why you feel transported to another time as soon as you enter Spinelli's Vistro in Boerne, Texas. The building housing this fine restaurant dates back only to 1997, when Texas restaurateur Dennis Spinelli bought the old Beef and Brun and began transforming it into Spinelli's Vistro. The antique materials and vintage details that lend the interior its singular atmosphere date back two centuries in the life of Texas and Louisiana. Spinelli, who has claimed smash successes with The Alsatian Restaurant in Castroville and the Green Mansions restaurant in New Braunfels, personally hand selected the materials and conceptualized the design.

Today, Spinelli's Vistro is Boerne's most sought-after location for fine and informal dining, accommodations and entertainment. The upstairs hall in the Vistro, with capacity for 180 persons, is a dazzling, romantic setting for wedding receptions, wedding rehearsals, and all manner of parties. The elevated deck has a commanding view of the landmark Catholic church and a city park. The patio, nestled between the restaurant and the Inn has a pond dotted with goldfish and a waterfalls where top music acts perform live.