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Allen Acres Bed and Breakfast
5070 Highway 399
Pitkin, LA Find Business On Map

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Allen Acres Bed and Breakfast, Pitkin, Louisiana

Allen Acres Bed and Breakfast

Pitkin, Louisiana

Allen Acres Bed and Breakfast is a 26 acre wooded paradise adjacent to the Kisatchie National Forest, near the picturesque Ouiska Chitto Creek and Fort Polk. It is listed as a State Natural Area. The Allens have spent years developing gardens specifically designed to attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Trails with native trees labeled for identification are available on the property. Also, a circular chicken pen with at least 19 different breeds of chicken and a flock of guineas are is available on the premises for fresh eggs for breakfast. Dr. Charles Allen, an accomplished authority on the native plants of Louisiana can provide tours, for a fee, to some of the rarest ecosystems of the Kisatchie National Forest, Louisiana prairies, spring-fed Bay Galls, or pitcher plant Bogs. Specials meals with an Oriental or Cajun flair can be provided upon request for an additional fee.