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A Lazy S Place Guesthouse, Comfort, Texas

A Lazy S Place Guesthouse

Comfort, Texas

A Lazy S Place IS.....a place to decompress. This is a single guest house on 12 acres. You are all by yourself. The whole house is yours. We work hard to ensure that you feel “cozy” and “comfortable”. The wood used in the remodeling of this older style home was reclaimed from an 80 year old barn, carefully planed and sealed. The long leaf and curly pine withstood many seasons in Comfort and now has a new home on our hill.

Specially designed gutters fill our catchment tank on the side of the guesthouse. You will enjoy taking a refreshing shower knowing that you are bathing in that “Hill Country Rain” Jerry Jeff sings about. We choose a green way of living to do our part ensuring that our children's children can enjoy this beautiful part of Texas for years to come.